Classification of Winning Roulette Systems

If you search online, you will come across different types of winning roulette systems. In general, all these strategies may be divided into three groups. Roulette systems from the first group control the size of bets according to certain progression. For example, in martingale roulette system the player should double the previous bet in order to calculate the next bet. In such a way, every time, when the player wins, he covers all the previous losses. Martingale system is based on geometric progression, and the size of bet is increasing very quickly. This means that you need a considerable sum of money to apply this system. Also, for such systems you should use tables with unlimited size of bets. Some winning methods are based on arithmetic progression, when the player adds two previous bets in order to determine his next bet. If you are going to stick to progression-based strategies, you should follow one important rule: only even money bets are accepted. So, if you want to play roulette online and to have progression-based system produce results, you should make bets only on even or odd, red or black and high or low. 7sultans mobile games are now available over several different platforms and the most recent platform which is now available to online gamblers is a mobile casino platform. You can experience this top Microgaming powered mobile casino wherever you may be and from various different handheld devices.

The second category includes winning roulette systems, which earn money by covering many numbers with bets. The player should cover as many numbers as possible, and in such a way increasing the chances to win. The third category of systems is aimed at calculating the winning numbers and not at the method of betting. These systems determine winning numbers depending on the statistics of series of previous spins. The main disadvantage here is that casino owners are reluctant to share the information about winning numbers, and take all the precautions to prevent players from using such systems. However, you can test these betting systems for roulette at online casino sites, which do not keep the statistics in secret. On these sites you can also play some other casino games and get real benefit. Play online poker right now and win more.

Many players today apply systems and do not win money. The explanation is rather simple – there do not follow certain essential rules. The first rule is not to change winning methods very often. The thing is that probability theory, on which every winning system is based, needs certain time to produce winnings. The next advice is to play European roulette with one zero instead of American version with double zero. At the first sight, the difference seems to be insignificant – one additional zero slot, but it was calculated, that this additional zero slot considerably reduces chances to win. No matter what type of gambling you prefer – gaming in some land-based casino or online roulette – you should fully concentrate on the game. You should avoid drinking alcohol, because alcohol consumption considerably decreases player’s ability to concentrate. Also, your attention shouldn’t be distracted by surfing the web, speaking on the phone, chatting online, etc. Once you’ve started applying some winning strategy, you should focus all your thoughts on the game. Any winning method needs some time to bring results, at least several hours of uninterrupted playing. So if you gamble on the web, make sure, that internet connection is stable, and you won’t be disconnected.